Our Mission

To be the Africa
foremost hardware
engineering company

Our Vision

To be a world leader in Hardware Technology, repair and training geared towards the intellectual, personal growth and economic development of the nation and the people.

Who We Are

At Revrica, we are the Africa premier engineering hardware company that believes in a Nation that breaths Local Content, and a nation that can not continue to depend on products and services that in turn offers nothing towards the growth & sustainability of our beloved Nation.

Revrica is a product of Imperial Educational Technology, an OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) licensed company set up to manufacture/assemble learning and communicative devices to bridge the mobile and digital gaps.

We are creating a new pathway to expand and explore frontiers in hardware engineering to ignite the improvement of manufacturing and hardware assembly through pedagogical innovation.

  • Integrity

  • Innovation
  • Impact
  • Excellence

Who We Serve

We work with K-12 schools, tertiary institutions, Governments, DFIs, NGOs, INGOs, industries, Enterprises and institutions in order to develop initiatives centered around custom made device manufacturing, hardware training and development.